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Your friendly guide to the what, how, and why of important life events.


Your friendly guide to the what, how, and why of important life events.


Free Short Courses

Get in control of your short and long-term financial future as you enter parenthood.

  • Understand what’s included in health insurance coverage

  • Plan and pay for medical expenses

  • Navigate parental leave and child care

  • Build a family budget

  • Plan and save for the future

Set yourselves up for post-honeymoon success.

  • Navigate health insurance as a couple

  • Create a budget that works for both of you

  • Save for the future

  • Pay bills & file taxes

  • Access couple's therapy & mental health support

Navigate the path to homeownership like a pro.

  • Get a roadmap for the whole process

  • Understand costs to expect along the way

  • Know what paperwork you’ll be required to have, and where each document can be found

  • Assemble your housing search dream team


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Create a plan of attack for knocking off debt and achieving your financial goals.

  • Good vs bad debt

  • Navigating your credit score

  • How to prioritize debt

  • Student loan repayment plan options

  • Personal budgeting

  • How to start saving for the future

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Why is this free?

Justworks is an HR tech company that gives entrepreneurs and their teams access to benefits, payroll, and HR support.

Every week, we speak to thousands of employees who are looking for help navigating important life events, such as paying off debt, getting married, starting a family, or buying a home.

We wanted to make this information more accessible for everyone, so we decided to create The Guidepost. Our hope is that it helps you feel confident and in control.