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Marriage 101: What To Do After “I Do”


Set yourselves up for post-honeymoon success.

You planned an amazing wedding (yay!) and you blessed your Instagram followers with all your honeymoon photos (double yay!). Now that you and your spouse made this thing legal… what’s next?

Being one half of a married couple takes work, especially in these early months. There’s a lot to navigate, from health insurance to finances to taxes and a hundred other things in between.

This free short course will help you get on track: discover what documents to tackle ASAP, how to change your name (if you want to), tips on budgeting, paying bills, and filing taxes as a couple, and the importance of caring for your mental health.

Master the basics:

  • Navigate health insurance as a couple

  • Create a budget that works for both of you

  • Save for the future

  • Pay bills & file taxes

  • Access couple's therapy & mental health support

How it works:

  • This course is 7 lessons

  • Each lesson takes about 5 minutes to read

  • You’ll get one lesson a day, delivered to your inbox

  • Read what you want - skip, skim, or save the rest for later.

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