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Course Syllabus:

Lesson 1: The Fundamentals of Financial Health

We’ll break down your student loan, break out good vs bad debt, and navigate the holy grail of financial health: your credit score.

Lesson 2: Taking Control of Your Debt

Walk away with an action plan for how to prioritize your debt (hint: start with bad debt), and a clearer picture of the student loans repayment plan options available to you.

Lesson 3: Personal Budgeting

Make a budget that works for you. We’ll show you how to create one that ensures you can cover expenses each month and avoid being in a situation where you accumulate any more bad debt. Plus, product and tools you should know about.

Lesson 4: Saving for the Future

We’ll cover the why and how of retirement planning, including 401(k) and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). We’ll also point yo

Lesson 5: Putting It All Together

The grand finale. You’ll feel more in control of your financial health, or at least that you have the tools to get in control.